1. Bringing surplus electricity from Wet Season to Dry season can completely change the energy management problems for Nepal.
  2. Congratulations Abhishek Subedi for embarking a journey of PhD with full scholarship at NTNU.
  3. Bidding goodbye to the year 2023 with memories of achievements and a list of challenges for next year.
  4. Congratulations Nawaraj Kafle for taking such a courageous step towards the research on utmost challenge of hydropower development in Nepal.
  5. Attended COP28 as a keynote speaker representing Kathmandu University,. Was invited by the Ambassador of Nepal to UAE for a meeting at Embassy
  6. Visit by Chief Minister, and Vice Chairman of Planning Commission of Koshi Province to Green Hydrogen Lab,.
  7. A big Congratulations to Abhishek Subedi for successfully completing the Master by Research Degree in Hydrogen Safety.
  8. Presenting the first Hydrogen Car to the people of Nepal.
  9. A Gracious Visit by HE British Ambassador to observe the progress of Green Hydrogen Lab, Kathmandu University in Energy Transition and Green Growth.
  10. The First Master by Research Degree from Nepal in Green Hydrogen is completed today.
  11. Creating a History in Nepal for Energy Transition in Cooking and Heating Applications.
  12. Invited by the Office of Prime Minister of Nepal for inquiry on recent Progress with Green Hydrogen
  13. Gracious visit of Secretary of Commerce and Supplies, Interm Joint Secretary, MD and Team of Nepal Oil Corporation, to inspect the progress of the Green Hydrogen Lab
  14. Initiation of Nepal-USA Green Hydrogen partnership.
  15. Ambassador of India visited Kathmandu University and Green Hydrogen Lab to motivate students and researchers.
  16. Workshop on green hydrogen for industrial development in Nepal. 
  17. Farewell to our researchers Mr. Rahul Ghimire and Mr. Prabin Adhikari from the Green Hydrogen Lab
  18.  World Environment Day, Annapurna Media Network (AMN) organized an incredible electric vehicle rally in Kathmandu
  19. Team building program at Sarathi Hotel emphasizes on project planning and responsibility reallocation. (10.06.2023)

  20. Meeting and Discussion with the Minister, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and MD of NOC. (08.06.2023)

  21. Researcher Nitesh Kumar Yadav traveling to Korea for the factory inspection and training program on Nepal’s first hydrogen refilling station and hydrogen car at KU. (19.05.2023)

  22. Workshop on Hydrogen for the Development of Nepal jointly Organized by Conscious Energy, Green Hydrogen Lab, Kathmandu University, Gandaki Province. (20.04.2023)

  23. Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa as a panelist in Power Summit ’23’ organized session on Energy Transition and Green Growth is the path for hydropower development in Nepal

  24. Meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal for initializing the discussion on Government preparation for Decarbonizing the Aviation Sector of the country. (18.04.2023)

  25. Introducing a Spinoff Company of Kathmandu University-“Conscious Energy” for Energy Transition and Green Growth. (19.03.2023)

  26. Delightful Discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister of Nepal on developments with Green Hydrogen and National Policy for commercial projects. (08.02.20230

  27. National Policy for Production and Use of Green Hydrogen. (07.02.20230

  28. Idea pitching with the Mayor of Shunan City for decarbonizing Japanese industries with Nepalese green Ammonia, and Nepalese Transportation with Japanese Hydrogen automobiles. (21.01.2023)

  29. Interaction with the CEO, Directors, and Engineers from Government-owned Dhaubadi Iron Company Limited for collaborating opportunities for Green Steel Production Technology. (30.11.20220)

  30. Meeting with NORAD and NTNU team for collaboration for integrating Hydropower and Green Hydrogen for Energy Transition and Economy Transformation in Nepal. (10.11.2022)

  31. Meeting with the NEA Team on Green Ammonia Projects in Nepal representing the Project Progress Report on the Development of a Demonstration Pilot Plant. (08.08.2022).

  32. Meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal for updating on the role of Green Hydrogen for “Carbon Neutral and Energy Independent Nepal”. (08.07.2022)

  33. Follow-up meeting with Energy Minister and Team for Chemical Fertilizer Technology and Policy gaps. (07.07.2022)

  34. Meeting with IPPAN and KU Collaboration to promote Hydropower and Green Hydrogen in Nepal. (05.07.2022

  35. Celebrating Second Year Anniversary of Green Hydrogen Lab. (02.08.2022)

  36. HCST(Hindustan College of Technology) signs MoU and LoA with Kathmandu University| Sharada Group of Institutions(

  37. Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) was signed between Kathmandu University(KU) and Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA)| (27.05.2022)

  38. Letter of Agreement (LOA) Signing Ceremony held between Kathmandu University (KU) and Global Green Growth Institution (GGGI) (22.05.2022)

  39. MoU signed between KU and IPPAN for cooperation in Hydropower and Green Hydrogen. Himalayan Hydro Expo 2022.(02.04.2022)

  40. Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) and Letter of Agreement(LoA) was signed between KU and Bagmati Province| (04.03.2022)

  41. Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) was signed between Dhulikhel Municipality, Kathmandu University(KU) and Rotary Club of Dhulikhel|

  42. Green Hydrogen in Nepal: Policy Perspective(10.12.2021)

  43. Green Hydrogen Lab on the occasion of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. (08.10.2021)

  44. Training on “Geen Hydrogen for Nepal: Media Perspective”. (20.09.2021)

  45. Celebrating th First Anniversary of Green Hydrogen Lab.(02.08.2021)

  46. Meeting held between GHLab-KU and Ministry of Energy.(22.07.2021)

  47. Kathmandu University sets forth NHI on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021. (05.06.2021)

  48. Agreement Signed between Kathmandu University and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre for Green Hydrogen Project. (28.04.2021)

  49. Agreement Signed between Kathmandu University and NOC for Green Hydrogen Project (25.02.2021)

  50. MoU signed between Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University, and Jade Consult. (25.02.2021)

  51. MoU Signed between Kathmandu University and Nepal Oil Corporation. (08.01.2021)

  52. Lecture Series on Hydrogen Technologies- Series 1. (22.09.2020-15.10.2020)

  53. 2nd NRN Global Knowledge Convention: Hydrogen Ecosystem for Sustainable Development of Nepal (11.10.2020)

  54. Panel Discussion on “National Policy for Sustainable Green Hydrogen Economy in Nepal” (8.10.2020)

  55. Webinar on “Hydropower to Hydrogen in Nepal: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward” (11.09.2020)

  56. Biogas Production in Nepal and its pathway to Bio-hydrogen | Anmol | GHLab | Web Series | E04

  57. Industrial End Use of Green Hydrogen: Possibilities in Nepal |Bishwash|Akriti |GHLab|Web Series| E03 (23.08.2020)

  58. Technical Aspects of Hydrogen Energy | Manjur Raj Basnet | GHLab | Web Series | E02 (17.08.2020)

  59. Safety Hazards from the explosive fuels: Lesson learned | Prabin Ngakusi |GHLab| Web Series | E01 (13.08.2020)

  60. Commencing Internship for 8 different research.(02.08.2020)

  61. Green Hydrogen Technology Why and How in Nepal, KU, SOE-SOM, Webinar (07.06.2020)

  62. Green Hydrogen: Future Multi-disciplinary Research at KU, Keynote Speech, CRHT-X (28.04.2020)

  63. Paper: Green Hydrogen as a Future Multi-disciplinary Research at Kathmandu University (31.03.2020)nepalwi

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12. नेपालमै हाइड्रोजन उत्पादन , केयूले रच्यो इतिहास

13. नेपालमै पहिलोपटक यसरी हुँदैछ हाइड्रोजन उत्पादनको तयारी

14. With the Green Hydrogen Policy in place, now the focus should be on formalizing the rules and regulations necessary for commercial applications of Green Hydrogen in Nepal.

15. Regulatory framework, directives, and work procedures to open commercial and public use of the Green Hydrogen Technologies

16. Nepal’s Green Hydrogen Policy is public.

17. Nepal got the National Policy on Production and End Use of Green Hydrogen.

18. Nepal’s Development on Green Hydrogen for Energy Transition and Green Growth.

19. हाइड्रोजन ऊर्जाको प्रचुर पूर्वाधार, लागौं उत्पादन तिर  annapurna .com(06.09.2023)

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22. हरित हाइड्रोजनको प्रगति ऊर्जा मन्त्री समक्ष पेश,नीति चाँडै ल्याउने बस्नेतको प्रतिबद्धता

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28. दलहरूको चुनावी  घोषणापत्रमा हरित हाइड्रोजन उत्पादनको प्रतिबद्धता, हाेला त कार्यान्वयन ?

31. Grove Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars To Launch In Nepal

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33. Research on establishment of 100MW hydrogen plant.|Ekantipur(21.06.2022)

34. Interview of Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa with TechPana. (04.05.2022)

35. Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) was signed between Kathmandu University(KU) and Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA)| (27.05.2022)

36. नेपालमै बन्दै छ हाइड्रोजनबाट चल्ने गाडि | Kathmandu University| Techpana(04.05.2022)

37. पेट्रोलबाट चल्ने पुरानो गाडीबाट केयूका विद्यार्थीले बनाए विद्युतीय कार (08.04.2022)

38. पेट्रोलियम पदार्थको विकल्प र हाइड्रोजन इन्धनबारे काठमाडौं विश्वविद्यालयका सहप्राध्यापक तथा ग्रीन हाइड्रोजन ल्याबका प्रमुख बिराजसिंह थापासँगको कुराकानी | (07.04.2022)

39. MoU signed between KU and IPPAN for cooperation in Hydropower and Green Hydrogen.( 02.04.2022)

40. बागमती प्रदेश सरकार र केयुबीच रसायनिक मल कारखाना खोल्ने विषयमा महत्वपूर्ण छलफल | (04.03.2022)

41. Nepal as a green society | The Annapurna Express (20.02.2022)

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46. Green Hydrogen for Nepal. A documentary video | “Next Step” (23.01.2022).

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50. नेपालले सुरु गर्‍यो हाइड्रोजन ऊर्जा प्रयोगको नीति निर्माण प्रक्रिया, विज्ञ समिति गठन | BizMandu(1.12.2021)

51. २५ वर्ष पुरानो कारलाई केयूले बनायो ईभी, अब हाइड्रोजनबाट चल्ने बनाउने | Nepal Artha(30.11.2021)

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53. नवीकरणीय ऊजामा हाईड्रोजन वरदान साबित हुनसक्छ : विराजसिंह थापा, प्रमुख, ग्रीन हाईड्रोजन ल्याब |  The Headliners | Radio Kantipur (08.10.2021)

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57. नेपालमा हाइड्रोजन उर्जाको सम्भावना र निजी क्षेत्रको सहभागिता | Nepal Artha (08.10.2021)

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59. धुवाँलाई हाइड्रोजनमा परिणत गराैं, व्यापार घाटा कम गराैं | Rajdhani Daily (26.09.2021)

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61. हाइड्रोजन इनर्जीको अनुसन्धानमा काठमाडौँ विश्वविद्यालय | Drishti News (25.09.2021)

62. नेपालमा पनि हाइड्रोजनको परीक्षण हुँदै, ग्रिन हाइड्रोजन निर्यातसमेत गर्न सकिने | eHimalayanTimes (25.09.2021)

63. बढी भएको बिजुली अब सिलिण्डरमा भरेर राख्न सकिने, स्टोरेज गरेको एक वर्षसम्म प्रयोग गर्न मिल्ने | Bizmandu (23.09.2021)

64. ग्रिन हाईड्रोजन उर्जामा केयुको अध्ययन, पेट्रोलियम पदार्थको विकल्प बन्ने | Engineersnepal (22.09.2021)

65. हरित हाइड्रोजन इन्धन पेट्रोलियम आयात प्रतिस्थापन गर्ने उत्तम विकल्प | Urjakhabar (21.09.2021)

66. हाइड्रोजन ऊर्जा उत्पादनमा आयल निगमको चासो, काठमाडौं विश्वविद्यालयसँग सहकार्य गर्दै | CapitalNepal (21.09.2021)

67. नेपालमा हाइड्रोजनको उत्पादन, भविष्यमा पेट्रोलियम पदार्थको विस्थापन | Ratopati (21.09.2021)

68. हाइड्रोजन ऊर्जाको बल्ल गृहकार्य | ‘हरित ऊर्जामा हाइड्रोजन बढी प्रभावकारी’ | Ekanatipur (21.09.2021)

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82. Project working to Produce Hydrogen Fuel in Nepal. The Kathmandu Post. (25.08.2021)

83. स्टील र सिमेन्ट उद्योगको धुँवा बन्नसक्छ खाना पकाउने ग्यासको विकल्प | Nepal Artha (23.08.2021)

84. हो, हामी हाइड्रोजनले गाडी कुदाउँदैछौं – डा. विराज सिंह थापा, केयु | Nepal Artha (06.08.2021)

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93. Nepal hopes to export hydrogen fuel to Europe within a decade.Online Khabar Sanjha. (04.02.2021)