Workshop on Green Hydrogen for Industrial Development of Nepal

20 April-25 April 2023 (Pokhara and Butwal)

The Green Hydrogen Lab and Conscious Energy, in collaboration with the local government, and Industrialists of Pokhara and Butwal, organized a workshop aimed at investigating current challenges and future needs of the industry. 

The workshop also aimed to foster collaboration between academia and industries, promoting knowledge transfer to achieve shared decarbonization goals. The workshop specifically targeted local FNCCI and industries in the Pokhara vicinity as well as the Butwal and Lumbini corridor. Additionally, the team arranged a visit to Sujal dairy in Pokhara Kattha industry and P and P itta udhyog in Butwal. 


Technology transfer, innovations, and local adaptation of green hydrogen energy systems in Nepal through continuous research and development activities.


Nepalese industries specialized to produce, store, transport, and use green hydrogen energy at a commercial level.

Nepal Hydrogen Initiative

Towards the Clean and Prosperus Economy
The Nepal Hydrogen Initiative (NHI) is conceived as a consolidated program of the Nepal Government with the mandate to establish the policy foundations, develop an implementation action plan, and incubate a value chain for the business development with Green Hydrogen as the driving factor to address the existing and upcoming challenges of the environment, fuel, energy, economy, and industrial development in Nepal.

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