World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Annapurna Media Network (AMN) organized an incredible electric vehicle rally in Kathmandu on Monday,5th June 2023. The event was not just about showcasing the electric vehicles technology, but it also aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for sustainable transportation options. Our researchers from Green Hydrogen Lab (GHLab) participated in the event as they emphasized the importance of collective participation in our journey toward a sustainable future.GHLab at Kathmandu University with support from Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has successfully converted an old IC engine Maruti 800 into Battery Electric Vehicle. The conversion work was performed in two stages by GHLab researchers. The first stage was replacing the IC engine with a 6kW BLDC motor and 72V 100Ah Lead-Acid battery pack, followed by the second stage where the vehicle was operated by a 72V, 150Ah lithium-ion battery pack. GHLab aims to further upgrade the converted vehicle to a fuel cell electric vehicle that can run on hydrogen.