Ongoing Research:

  1. Improvement of Fuel Cell Performance using Ordered Microstructural Design. (Samrat KC)
  2. Green Hydrogen as an alternative and future fuel for transportation sector of Nepal. (Nashla Shakya
  3. Quantitative Risk Mitigation Model for Hydrogen Value Chain. (Abhishek Subedi)
  4. Biogas upgradation using the catalytic and bio-methanation process. (Rahul Ghimire)
  5. Compatibility study of SNG with conventional LPG burners. (Bishnu Pandey)
  6. Techno-economic assessment of Synthetic Natural Gas production in Nepal. (Rahul Ghimire, Bishnu Pandey)
  7. Techno-economic assessment of Re-electrification based on green hydrogen. (Rahul Ghimire, Milish Dhungel, Pravin Oli