Abhishek Subedi

Mechanical Engineer (Design and Manuf.)

“As technology is increasing, we can start our dream of relying on hydrogen as energy means for the future. Providing a platform for the growth of hydrogen in Nepal would be ideal, considering our wealth of hydro resources. Gaining and spreading knowledge is essential to hydrogen production, something which can be achieved from Green Hydrogen Lab.”

Mr. Subedi is involved within Green Hydrogen Lab from the first day of its establishment. He joined GHLab as Intern Research Assistant on August 02 2020 and is now the full-time Research Assistant. He is also the Course Asst. of Hydrogen Technologies proposed from Green Hydrogen Lab to Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University.

Major Responsibility at the Lab: Academic linkage between research projects at GHLab and Parametric Modeling of re-electrification from green hydrogen.

Research Area: Hydrogen Safety and Parametric Modeling of re-electrification from green hydrogen.


  1. Masters by Research Candidate. Completed
    • Study the hydrogen value chain of the different energy sources and end-use applications.
    • Study hydrogen behavior models to identify associated consequences and define safety parameters.
    • Quantitative risk assessment for consequence modeling and risk mitigation of specific* hydrogen safety challenge.

     Research Topic: Quantitative risk mitigation model for the hydrogen value chain.

    Affiliated Projects/Programs:

  2. Research Asst. (Jan 15, 2021- Running)


    • Academic Linkage between research projects at GHLab to build laboratory-scale research facilities.
    • Course Asst.- Hydrogen Technologies

Research Area: Parametric Modeling of re-electrification from green hydrogen.

Affiliated Projects/Programs:

      • KU-AEPC Project
      • National Hydrogen Initiative
      • KU-NOC HFP-Nepal Project
      • KU-Jade Project
  1. Intern Research Asst. (August-October 2020)


      • Initiating research and academic activities in Green Hydrogen Lab at KU.

Research Area: Integration of existing business sector for the promotion of green hydrogen technology in Nepal.

Affiliated Projects:

      • KU-KMOU GH-Lab Project