Chandan Chaudhary

Research Assistant
Electrical Power Engineer
Green Hydrogen Lab, Kathmandu University

“With the increasing demand of energy in the present world, Green Hydrogen comes as one of the best renewable energy storage medium. Aa a energy carrier, hydrogen possess the potential of replacing the present non-renewable energy source in short period of time. Nepal as is rich in hydropower sector possess huge potential towards the research and development of Green Hydrogen. The surplus energy from hydropower can route the path for blending hydrogen for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. Green Hydrogen Lab in Nepal initiates the research and comes forth towards bringing about a change.”

Mr. Chaudhary is an Electrical Power Engineer. He joined GHLab in July 2021 as Intern Research Assistant. Currently, he is a Research Assistant at GHLab.

Major Responsibility at the Lab: Design of Integrated power management system.
Research Area: Integration of power system and hydrogen for optimal power efficiency. 


A. Research Assistant (May 2023-present)

    • Design and Development of Integrated Power Management System
    • Modify and develop hydrogen technologies course curriculum
    • Operate laboratory and conduct experimentation 
    • Manage and coordinate communication for PSREP Project
    • Assist other research projects within the lab

     Research Area: Integration of power system and hydrogen

B. Intern RA. (June 2021 – May 2023)

    • Facilitate the electrical system of the laboratory.
    • Instrumentation handling and control
    • Identify the safety system and sensors required for different purposes and validate the equipment and electrical criteria of the system.
    • Organize and operate the equipment available in the laboratory.
    • Equipment testing and experimentation
    • Foreground and Background Research in Hydrogen and End Use
    • Electrical Systems in Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles: Power Management
    • Simulations and designs of circuits and models
    • Graphics, booklets, magazines and video design
    • Website Handling
    • Support projects and administration within the laboratory.

    Research Area: Data Acquisition System for automatic control.