Nitesh Yadav

Nitesh Kumar Yadav

Mechanical Engineer 

Research Assistant

“The steel industry contributes about 7% to global carbon emissions. As the world strives for a more sustainable future, the transformation of the steel manufacturing industry is imperative. Emphasizing the development and implementation of innovative approaches to green steel production, particularly H2-based direct reduction processes, stands at the forefront of reducing environmental impact. This aligns with the broader objectives of achieving carbon neutrality. This endeavor not only seeks to mitigate environmental degradation but also paves the way for a greener, more sustainable industrial landscape globally.”

“Mr. Khanal is a fourth-year student at the Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University with a specialization in Automobile. He joined the GHL as an undergraduate Intern Research Assistant in February 2024.

He is passionate about industrial engineering and dedicated to proactively addressing current industry challenges through innovative and practical solutions.”

Research Area: Green steel production technology


Intern Research Asst. (February 2024 – Present


  •  Identify challenges for the adoption of green steel in Nepal.
  • Investigate the direct reduction of iron ore processing.
  • Assist and contribute in establishing a laboratory for green hydrogen-based iron ore reduction.

Research Area: Green steel