Sagar Niroula

Sagar Niroula

Mechanical Engineer (Hydropower)
Kathmandu University

“The urgent need to shift towards greener energy sources to combat the adverse effects of climate change is highlighted, with green hydrogen emerging as a promising energy carrier for a sustainable future. Nepal’s abundance of hydro resources can position it as a significant producer and exporter of green hydrogen globally, offering potential for economic growth and a cleaner future. The importance of investing in research and innovation, developing green hydrogen infrastructure, training professionals, and disseminating knowledge through initiatives like the Green Hydrogen Lab is emphasized to help Nepal become a leader in green hydrogen technology and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Mr. Niroula is a graduate researcher from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University. He has been actively engaged with various ongoing projects being conducted within the Lab, demonstrating his keen interest and enthusiasm for research. 

Major Responsibility at the Lab:

  • Sizing of the hydrogen production system for the different associated projects. 
  • Experimentation laboratory facilitation.
  • Handle research activities associated to Nepal Hydrogen Initiative project.

Research Area: Effective Utilization of Hydropower for the Production of Green Hydrogen.


Research Assistant (July 2023-August 2023), Intern Research Asst. (Feb 2022-June 2023)


  • Identification and Sizing Components for onsite Production, Storage, and Utilization of Hydrogen as Power Backup for a Reference Load. 
  • Mathematical Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell on MATLAB SIMULINK.
  • Mathematical Modeling of Alkaline Electrolyzer on MATLAB SIMULINK.
  • Assessment of Surplus Electricity for Production of Hydrogen in Nepal.
  • Development of Quantitative Risk Assessment Model for the Hydrogen-Based System.
  • Techno-economic analysis of SNG production system. 

Affiliated Projects/Programs:

  1. NHI
  2. NOC


  1. Parametric Modelling and Optimization of Alkaline Electrolyzer for the Production of Green Hydrogen