Yuvraj Chaudhary

Yuvraj Chaudhary

Research Assistant

Albeit Nepal has two-thirds of the population engaged in agriculture, food production is at its rock bottom and the nation is highly reliant on imports. Next to food insecurity, energy dependence and vehicular emissions are at a tight spot. Green hydrogen in this regard can substantially decrease energy reliance and could be an opportunity to set up our green urea industry without any foreign reliance. The hydrogen economy is, therefore, the need of the state and here we are for working collaboratively for the first urea industry in Nepal.

Mr. Chaudhary is a chemical engineering undergrad and decarbonization enthusiast at Kathmandu University. He recently published his research on urea production for achieving SDG in Nepal and aims to contribute to the development of green urea production. His research interests also include membrane tech, biofuels and carbon capture.

Research Area: Green Ammonia, Urea Production


  1. Intern Research Assistant (July 2022-May 2023)
  2. Research Asst. (June 2023-Present)


  • Assistance in the ongoing DPR study on set up of green urea manufacturing plant
  • Study on feedstocks for possibility of chemical fertilizers manufacturing in Nepal

Research Area: 

Green Urea, Ammonia & Green Hydrogen