Intern Research Assistant

“In the pursuit of a sustainable energy future, harnessing the power of hydrogen holds immense promise. With its abundance and simplicity, hydrogen stands as a transformative force that can propel us toward unprecedented levels of advancement and sustainability. Despite its early discovery and the invention of fuel cell technology in the 19th century, commercial applications have remained limited. However, with Nepal's rich hydro resources and the establishment of platforms like the Green Hydrogen Lab, there lies a unique opportunity to propel hydrogen into the forefront of our national development agenda. By leveraging our hydro-rich landscape, we can address energy challenges, bolster economic growth, and pave the way towards a greener, more prosperous future.”
Mr. Thapa is a dynamic and forward-thinking Mechanical Engineer with a passion for embracing cutting-edge technology to drive innovation from Kathmandu University. He joined GHLab as an Intern Research Assistant on 1st February 2024. He has gained experience in research from several undergrad projects.

Research domain: Research on Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Integration

1. Intern Research Assistant (February 2024 – Present)

  • Research on hydrogen refueling station codes and standards and provide recommendations relevant to Nepal.
  • Study and suggestions on the policies and guidelines for refueling stations and their licensing procedures.
  •  Research on the FCEV conversion process, including necessary modifications to the vehicle’s powertrain, integration of two power sources, and hydrogen storage systems.