The Vision of Green Hydrogen Lab (GHLab) is “Nepalese industries specialized to produce, store, transport, and use green hydrogen at a commercial level”. The logo of the Green Hydrogen Lab is a reflection of the vision it carries.
The core of the logo portrays the nucleus of Hydrogen with water droplet representing Proton and Spark as its principal energy. The boundary of the core replicates orbit of hydrogen with gear representing Electron.
The droplet at the center symbolizes renewable energy sources, which make hydrogen ‘Green’ or free from carbon foot-prints. Blue color of water droplet represents abundance of water on the planet earth. Water symbolizes hydropower sector, which lays foundation for the green hydrogen technologies in Nepal for socio-economic transformation.
The yellow color inside the electric spark depicts the fundamental nature of energy being omnipresent and omniscient. The green color in the spark represents the energy conversion process for producing clean hydrogen.
The black gear represents the industrial applications of green hydrogen for socio-economic developments. The full name ‘Green Hydrogen Lab’ is colored green highlighting GHLab’s goal to develop knowledge and technology supporting the global paradigm shift in the energy usage patterns to restore the depleting environment.