Nawaraj Kafle

MS by Research candidate
Research Assistant

“Nepal has set an ambitious target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, recognizing the critical role of green hydrogen in this mission is most. Green hydrogen holds immense potential as a fuel, for industrial applications, and in domestic settings, serving as a clean energy carrier. The shift towards decarbonization begins with converting surplus electricity into hydrogen. Nepal’s rich resource of hydroelectricity plays a crucial role in driving this green energy transition. The Green Hydrogen Lab at Kathmandu University is a hub for diverse expertise in hydrogen production, distribution, and utilization. Through collaborative efforts, this lab is nurturing a new generation of PhDs, masters, and researchers to spearhead the adoption of green hydrogen in Nepal.”

Mr. Kafle is currently pursuing a Master by Research at Kathmandu University within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he is associate with the Green Hydrogen Lab. His primary objective is to explore the management of energy through hydrogen-based energy storage solutions.

Major Responsibility at the Lab:

  • Conduct research for an MS by Research thesis.
  • Involve in different activities of lab and assist various project.

Research Area: Effective end use of hydroelectricity (Hydrogen storage)


  • Research Asst. (Feb 2024-Present)

Research Area:

  • Hydrogen-Based Energy Storage for Energy Management in Nepal


  • Evaluate and quantify electricity curtailment and assess energy storage methods to establish the necessity of hydrogen as a storage alternative to reduce renewable energy intermittence.
  • Development of methodological process enabling seasonal energy variation assessment and effective deployment of curtail hydroelectricity through green hydrogen.
  •  Propose energy management parameters balancing seasonal energy variation and surplus hydroelectricity in the case of a reference hydropower plant in Nepal.