Manjur Raj Basnet

Research Assistant (Alumni)
Mechanical Engineer (Hydropower)

“While the world has started to contemplate the use of hydrogen energy as an alternative, it is no doubt that we as a third-world country should too. It is about time that we realize the need and potential of our country in progressing the use of green hydrogen in the energy mix. Thus, we have to dwell in to look for the opportunities from the existing power sources and mostly, hydropower since we have the capacity of 43000MW within the country itself.”

Development of technical specifications for hydrogen production from spill energy of Chauri Khola-II Micro HPP


Many small-scale hydropower plants (HPP) are turning obsolete today because of the availability of national grid at remote locations. This necessitates study into the prospects of storing and utilizing surplus energy. This project presents hydrogen production as a potential pathway to utilize surplus energy from micro HPP. The study is based on a reference micro HPP from Nepal to identify an optimum system for hydropower to hydrogen (H2H) generation based on technical and economic aspect. The amount of hydrogen production is estimated to be 3371 kg in a year with 198.225 MWh of spilled energy from a 30 kW micro HPP. In the economic study, the Internal Rate of Return and Levelized Cost of hydrogen (LCOH) is found to be 14% and $ 8.77, respectively. The hybrid system is feasible from both the technical and economic aspect for the reference case.