Jaya Ghimire

Jaya Ghimire

Electrical Engineer

Research Fellow

With the alarming climate change concerns, replacement of fossil fuels has been a prime necessity of this generation. From individual nations’ policies to world conferences such as COP,  hydrogen energy has been discussed as a major source that can fulfill future energy transition demands. Nepal’s energy sector has two major threats, one related to a lack of energy security and another lack of provision of energy storage. Hydrogen fuel can be an optimum solution to both issues.

Ms. Ghimire is a recent graduate with a major in Sustainable energy transition with research interest in the field of techno-economical feasibility of hydrogen as a fuel and its derivatives. 

Major Responsibility at the Lab:

  • Perform a detailed techno-economic analysis of the pilot-scale green ammonia plant pf 5 TPD capacity. Evaluate the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and potential scalability of the project. Analyze the economic viability and potential risks involved.
  • Develop a business model and evaluate the performance and sustainably of the pilot scale ammonia plant. Use computational models and algorithms to optimize process parameters and evaluate different scenarios.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations for value chain floatation policies to the government. Identify the policy interventions required to promote the growth and development of green ammonia and hydrogen industries. Consider aspects such as incentives, regulations, market mechanisms, and international collaboration.
  • As a Research Fellow in a Green Hydrogen Lab the additional responsibilities include overseeing funded projects, supervising project proposals, tracking development, and leading the research team.

Research Fellow:  Green Ammonia Project, Green Urea Project


  1. Research Fellow. (Feb 2023-Present)


  • Supervise the overall research activities and projects conducted within the lab, ensuring smooth progress and adherence to timelines and objectives.
  • Lead and coordinate the Green Ammonia and Green Urea Project, taking responsibility for its successful execution and achievement of desired outcomes.
  • Stay informed about funding opportunities, grants, and research initiatives in the field, and actively participate in proposal writing and securing funding for future projects and opportunities.
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive research environment, encouraging open communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork among lab members.

Research Area: Green Fertilizer in Nepal

Affiliated Projects/Programs:

  • Green Ammonia Project (Funded by Nepal Electricity Authority)
  • Green Urea Project (Funded by Bagmati Provincial Government)