HFP-Nepal is an academic institution-governmental corporation collaboration project between Kathmandu University (KU) and Nepal Oil Corporation  (NOC).

This project aims to identify the feasibility scenarios for technology transfer and adaptation for the production of green hydrogen as a commercial fuel from hydropower plants. The collaboration targets to develop green hydrogen as a future fuel adaptable to the Nepalese context, and demonstrate its application with successful prototype installations from the production to end-use. 

The success in the demonstrative tests will lay the foundation for the commercial application of Green Hydrogen Technology in Nepal. Furthermore, the engagements in academic and research degrees will produce capable and competent human resources necessary for future hydrogen-related projects.

  • Recommendations for Policy guideline for Green Hydrogen for Government of Nepal emphasizing production, storage, end-use of Green Hydrogen as future fuel for Nepal
  • Establish a ‘Center for Green Hydrogen’ at Kathmandu University for academic and research engagement within a broader interest of business development possibilities
  • Develop a demonstrative project for the production of green hydrogen fuel and conduct tests for its commercial use in transportation secto
  • Policy guidelines emphasizing production, storage, end-use of Green Hydrogen as future fuel for Nepal
  • Center for Green Hydrogen’ with state of art research facilities as a knowledge management unit for academic and research engagements
  • A demonstrative  project for adaptation and integration of Hydrogen fuel technology in supply system of NOC

In order to successfully accomplish this project, all the project activities have been divided into five major work packages. Work pacakage Leaders, deliverables and milestones have been assigned and identified for each workpackages. 

There will be technical progress meetings and workshops as per the requirement and based on work schedule in order to facilitate collaboration among project leaders and to maintain balance among different work packages.


  • Department of Transport
  • Nepal Electricity Authority


  • Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)                 


Asst. Prof. Biraj Singh Thapa, PhD
Prof. Young Ho Lee
Expert Partner

Korea Maritime and Ocean University · Division of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering Ph.D.

Nashla Shakya
Nitesh Yadav
Research Assistant