Hemant Aacharya

Hemant Aacharya

Department of Management Informatics, and Communication
Intern Research Assistant

Green hydrogen emerges as a promising alternative to fossil fuels in the foreseeable future, presenting a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that holds immense benefits for the environment. Given the rapid proliferation of activities that detrimentally impact the environment, it is imperative that we prioritize environmental preservation. In light of this urgency, green hydrogen offers an ideal solution to address the prevailing environmental challenges

“Mr. Aacharya is an undergraduate student at the Department of Management Informatics and Communication, Kathmandu University. He joined GHLab in May 2023 and is working as a part-time Intern RA.”

Major Responsibility at the Lab: Support lab projects, website, and administrative parts


  1. Intern Research Asst. (May  2023-Present)


  • Support lab projects, website, and administrative parts.
  • Website handling