Birendra Bhandari

Research Assistant

“Hydrogen technology has emerged as a beacon of hope in guests for sustainable energy solutions. With its potential to address global challenges and foster energy independence, it is gaining momentum as a crucial component of the global energy transition. It can play a crucial role in the utilization of our country’s abundant hydropower, shift towards sustainable energy consumption; and reduce trade deficit. Green Hydrogen Lab focuses on introducing Green Hydrogen in the energy value chain of Nepal.”
“Mr. Bhandari is a graduate of Pulchowk Campus, IOE with a major in Renewable Energy Engineering. He has been working on the transition of fossil fuels to renewable for high-heat thermal applications.

Major Responsibility at the Lab

  • Perform Research activities at the Lab for completion of projects within the objectives.

Research Area

  • End use of Hydrogen technologies


  • Research Assistant. (4 th October 2023- Present)

Major Responsibility:

  • Performing project and research-oriented activities.
  • Assist with SNG production and its end-use application.
  • Assisting in the incubation of new projects related to Green Hydrogen.

Research Area

  • Application of hydrogen for end use (Thermal heat)
  • Affiliated Projects/Programs:
  • SNG production for utilization in the clean cooking sector.
  • Hydrogen and derivate combustion for thermal heat.