Aman Kumar Shah

Aman Kumar Shah

(Intern RA)
Undergraduate Student
Department of Chemical Engineering

“With the transition conventional technology to zero carbon technology, Ammonia industry is evolving across the globe. Though Nepal doesn’t have any facility of ammonia production till now but in the present time it has possibility to became a leader in the green ammonia market. Green Ammonia can be manufactured starting from hydrogen production via electrolysis with a valuable biproduct oxygen and producing nitrogen via Pressure swing adsorption again with byproduct oxygen, finally reacting the produced gases to form green ammonia. All three steps in the process are carbon free and powered by the renewable energy.”

“Mr. Aman Kumar Shah is currently studying BE chemical engineering at Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University and parallelly working as a part time intern researcher at GHLab. He is dedicated and passionate in the domain of chemical engineering working deliberately to expand his knowledge in process design and process engineering in the real-world case scenarios

Research Area: Ammonia as an Energy Storage and Fuel from Hydroelectricity.


  1. Intern Research Asst. (September-November 2021)


    • Work on research activity related to Green Ammonia Production, Storage and Transportation.
    • Build a model for the pilot scale production of Green Ammonia.

    Research Area: Ammonia as an Energy Storage and Fuel from Hydroelectricity.

    Affiliated Projects:

    • KU-HFP Nepal.

  2. Intern Research Asst. (July 2022 – Present).