Bishnu Pandey

Mechanical Engineer
Research Assistant

“With the advancement in hydrogen technology, the emphasis on the green hydrogen-based economy is increasing rapidly with the goal of decarbonizing the entire energy sector worldwide. Investments in Green Hydrogen technology will therefore be essential for economic prosperity of a nation. Green Hydrogen Lab is prominent institution working on the local adaptation of Green Hydrogen Technology in Nepal and has gained great popularity among environmentalist, economists and renewable energy enthusiasts as it is set to play pivotal role in the transition of Nepal’s energy sector.”

“Mr. Pandey is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Kathmandu University with a specialization in automobiles. He has gained experience in research, product design and fabrication by doing various projects and industrial internships in university.”

Major Responsibility at the Lab: Preforming Research activities at Lab and Looking after common Lab activities.

Research Area: End-use application of Green Hydrogen based
alternative heating fuels


  1. Research Asst. (15 July 2022-Present)


  • Performing Research Activities at Lab.
  • Performing basic administrative works at Lab.
  • Advisor for undergraduate projects related to Green Hydrogen

Research Area: Alternative and Renewable Energy

Affiliated Projects/Programs:

  • Incubation of synthetic Natural gas Production Enterprise for Utilization in the cooking sector