Susobhan Bhattarai

Intern RA

I believe being clean energy, hydrogen can be a transitional element for reducing carbon emission in a world. Making  optimum utilization of renewable sources by the hydrogen production Nepal can prosper its economy as well as livelihood of people. Therefore, Green Hydrogen Lab is emerging research institute for initiating green hydrogen technologies in Nepal.

Feasibility Scenario of Green Hydrogen Energy in Nepal.

Nepal is blessed with the renewable energy. However optimum utilization of the resources is lagging. Therefore, this project is initiated with purpose of examining the viability scenario and production of green hydrogen energy from different renewable sources in Nepal. With our study we find there is high prospects and opportunities of green hydrogen energy in context of Nepal. However, there are some of the challenges like technicality transfer, safety consideration and other social and legal issues which are needed to be cut off with further research and government policies. There is the need to examine more holistic and in-depth studies to evaluate the technical feasibility and economic viability of developing a hydrogen value chain in Nepal.