Pranabh Regmi

Intern RA (Aug-Oct 2020)
Mechanical Engineer
(Design and Manuf.)


“I believe that hydrogen is the future of energy technology moving forward. We have always tried to perfect the use of hydrogen over time. Bringing the study of hydrogen in Nepal can be considered as a step in the right direction.”

Research on ‘Green hydrogen from mini hydropower plant in Nepal’.

As Nepal is rich in water resources, we at the lab are studying on the possibility of producing hydrogen from water electrolysis. We have identified the wastage of energy as hydropower produce electricity that is surplus to requirements, because of this different small-scale hydropower plants are in need of financial assistance. This study is carried out to demonstrate that the surplus electricity can be utilized to produce hydrogen. Although Nepal was relatively quick to adopt hydropower technologies, we have so far lagged behind in the development of hydropower for several reasons. However, in recent years progressive plans have been put forward to solve the existing energy crisis in Nepal. The plan involves addition of several hydropower and increasing the production capacity, however, there is no plan to utilize the energy. This is likely to weaken several hydropower financially and production of green hydrogen is the only solution to both create demand and financially assist ‘sick’ hydropower projects.