Manish Sharma Timilsina

Manish Sharma Timilsina

Department of Chemical Engineering
Intern Research Assistant

God has blessed Nepal with a wealth of resources, and the time has come to make use of them in order to transform Nepal into an independent country. Regarding renewable energy, Nepal has a lot of potential and might help transition society from fossil fuel-based to green technologies.

Manish has a passion for learning and takes great satisfaction in finding innovative solutions to existing problems and to take anything to next level. He is interested in electrolysis, carbon capture, green technologies and is equally concerned about the environment and the natural resources. He believes in optimum utilization of own resources.

Major Responsibility at the Lab: Research of electrolysis, Carbon capture and Cryogenic distillation and  assistance in on-going detailed project report of urea.

Research Area: Green Technologies, Carbon Capture and Electrolysis


  1. Intern Research Asst. (July 2022- current)


    • Research of electrolysis, Carbon capture and Cryogenic distillation.
    •  Assistance in on-going Detailed project Report of Urea.

Research Area: Green technologies, Carbon Capture and Electrolysis