Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa

Vice Chancellor
Professor, DoME

Advisor’s Remark

“There is a saying; a normal man thinks for a day, leaders thinks for one year, state leaders thinks for 100 years. But for scientists and academicians, there is not limit for time horizon for thinking. What is not possible today, they should find the solution and pave way to make that happen. KU was almost impossible dream of our founders when looked in time frame of 30 years back. We always emphasized to put water as valuable resource in the country. Whenever we were designing course or planning for research, we kept water in center and we revolved around. We had a slogan, water is our white gold. We need to mine it and make country prosperous. Hydropower was our means for that. School of Engineering achieved something which we can be proud to develop hydropower of the country. We were always pioneer to initiate new things and make it sustainable.

The country at the moment is in situation where we have developed sufficient electricity through hydropower which is for local consumption, much more is under development, and we still have tremendous potential. We are still keeping water as bull’s-eye. We will use water for hydropower and still use water for overall economic development and keep our environment safe and sound. Our journey of rafting in Himalayan White Water, but crossing beyond the political and geographical boundaries for national and global prosperity. Sailing for Hydro-to-Hydrogen (H2H). Let’s join in this adventurous journey!”